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Crew Management Service

SJK Shipping Private Limited offers a complete crew solution to ship’s owners. All crewmen and officers will have the complete set of technical and operational skills necessary for their particular ship assignment. They will comply with industry standards and regulations for safe operation. Each crew member and officer will be able to work together to provide a self-sustaining workforce for the vessel. SJK Shipping Private Limited tries to offer a personal touch with their workforce. This ensures that workers feel validated in their work. This practice offers significant benefits to clients; giving them a stable and more productive work force.

The crew management is full service. Everything from recruitment to deployment to documentation is handled as part of the service. Furthermore, services are custom tailored to the needs of the customers. SJK Shipping Private Limited works with clients to optimize their vessel’s efficiency without sacrificing safety or cutting operational corners. The vessel will be able to meet or exceed all safety and health requirements while operating within environmental guidelines while surpassing the client’s quality expectations.

The safety and security of our client’s vessel and property is one of the driving principles behind ideal ship’s management. Ship board operational procedure is structured in such a way that ship’s resources are neither squandered nor procedural guidelines ignored.

Tanker Crew Management and Training
At SJK Shipping Private Limited the goal is to strive to provide the highest quality of skilled seafaring officers and crew members to clients. Well-trained shipmen have gone through rigorous selection and specialized training to ensure consistent quality and a large working pool. Officers and crewmen are trained and have served on every class of vessel. The skilled work force has worked on bulk carrier ships, passenger vessels, container ships and vessels for more specialized work in natural resources transportation or chemical transport.

On Shore Recruitmet

SJK Shipping have the expertise and knowledge to help drive your company forward by finding the most proficient talent in the industry. Our team completely understands your requirements and uses our access to a global pool of talent to deliver the most promising candidates for solving all your hiring problems.

Off Shore Management

Offshore Marine Management (OMM) is an independent marine services company offering offshore cable installation in the renewable energy, Offshore wind power, subsea telecommunications and oil & gas industries. Offshore Marine Management was founded in 2003 by Robert Grimmond in the UK. OMM services expanding international markets with services including Survey & Subsea, Operations & Maintenance, Personnel Supply and Cable Installation.

SJK Shipping provide global recruitment services to oil & gas, construction, environmental, and offshore vessels. Our tried-and-trusted representatives have been recognized as the best at what they do. We are the preferred vendors for many leaders of their respective industries. We are capable of supporting all your technical hiring as well as decommissioning.

We have established some specialized training facilities to meet and uphold the highest standards of the offshore industry. Experience, proficiency, and resources make Nimbus a reliable and effective partner.

Passenger Ship Management

With more and more people showing interest in experiencing a rejuvenating vacation on passenger vessels such as cruise ships and yachts, the demand for crews which makes their journey memorable is at an all-time high.

SJK Shipping, bridge the gap between the market forces of demand and supply by placing the industry’s finest people with our clients present throughout the world. Whether you need people to handle the hospitality department or technical aspects of your vessel, you can depend on us for a service next to none.

Meritime Training

We are committed to providing training solutions to meet the needs of the maritime industry. Our experienced staff deliver a broad range of courses and training programs, for both onshore and onboard positions. Certified according to international standards by DNV, our courses and facilities are designed to ensure your team has the best training possible.

Flag State Srvice

Every merchant ship needs to be registered to a state of its choice. The ship is then bound to carry the flag of that state and also follow the rules and regulations enforced by the same.
However, it is to note that not all vessels are registered to their ship owners’ country of origin. The country under whose registration such vessels operate is referred to as a flag state whereas the practice of registering the ship to a state different than that of the ship’s owner is known as flag of convenience (FOC).
The vessel in consideration thus has to comply with all the maritime rules, regulations and stipulations laid out by the flag state in accordance with the international maritime rules and stipulations.
For a country to be included in the list of flag states, it has to have the necessary maritime infrastructure – both financial and technical and should, most importantly, adhere to all the norms and regulations established by the International Maritime Organisations (IMO).
Additionally, in case a ship is not complying with the required norms imposed by authority, then the country registered as a flag state need to be adequately equipped to impose strictest of penalties on the offending vessel and party.
Although there are several benefits to have a separate flag state and register a vessel to its port of registry, there are several significations of the same as well.
  • A country offering the most optimum returns for the owner of a vessel is chosen as the flag state
  • The country which serves as a flag state is deemed to be the superior-most in the authorisation hierarchy
  • As such the flag state for ships is entitled and required to carry out regular monitoring and inspections to ensure that the vessel is following its maritime guidelines appropriately
  • These requirements to be fulfilled are mandatory and bear clear outlining in several international maritime conventions like the SOLAS and UNCLOS
  • A vessel that flies the flag of a state, not complying with the monitoring and inspection requirements is deemed to be of inferior standard.

Port Agency

In port before the ship’s arrival and after it departs, the Intercruises team will manage all aspects of port agency, delivering a wealth of experience and well developed local relationships. Our representatives can resolve any unexpected issues quickly and efficiently, with the support and resources of a global business. Furthermore, low season services, such as dry dock, can be fully organised by our dedicated port agency team.
  • Immigration & Customs
  • Medical assistance (guests & crew)
  • Berth reservation
  • Luggage handling
  • Legal representation

  • Refuelling
  • Waste disposal
  • Stevedore contracting
  • Repairs
  • Low season services

Many maritime and offshore firms outsource numerous jobs for their rotation crews. We offer crew travel logistics to ensure that our clients’ operations remain unaffected.

SJK Shipping Private Limited

It is made up of dependable and dedicated individuals with broad experience in both crew management and customer service. Behind our success in providing customer satisfaction is our most valuable resource - our people.